"They are looking amazing!! Thank you I love them so much :) "  K.J.

"I absolutely love our shoes.  Thank you so much.  You are such a great artist."  C.S.

"They are fantastic.  I'm sure she will love them.  I will post a photo on your Facebook page on her birthday, thank you sooo much."  J.D.

"Wow cool.  I allready love them" A.B.

"Received the bag this morning, my daughter loves it.  Thank you once again"  C.C.

"They look lovely...The shoes...I am so grateful <3" F.M.

"Thanks once again and yes I'll be sure to send u pics once we wear the shoes.

And of course I'm gonna b shouting out loud all over d

place :D


You deserve everything"  F.M.

"Hello Catherine, Thank you for making these beautiful shoes.  I am very happy xxx"  A.J.

"Sorry this message is overdue but thank you for the Converse you did for my sisters birthday, she loved them.  Thanks for all the effort you made to get them to us in time.  Will definitely be buying shoes from you again and recommend to friends and family"  A.H.

"Aww that looks absolutely amazing....thank you so much <3"  N.A.

Hi just to let you know I received my shoes today!!!! I LOVE THEM!!! Thank you so much

:) :)"    S.W.

"If ever there was proof needed that Catherine Tyler is one very talented lady then this is it. xxx thank you for helping make Shell's wedding so special xxx she absolutely loves the cake <3 ... and Mia loves her bridesmaid shoes."  C.R.

"Hi your shoes went down a storm at Silverstone and I may have put some work your way.  I do hope so.  I loved wearing my shoes and although you can see I have worn them they were done so with a smile and I felt a million dollars xx" L.L.

"She's really made up with her shoes, she had a little cry when she opened them.  Thank you so much xxx" N.A.

"They're AMAZING! Thank you thank you!!" G.J.

"It is so cool, thank you very much for everything.  I'm looking forward to having them, a great job....thank you very much.  They have been precious"  A.B.

"You deserve every bit of praise for such talent and sharing with us.  I shall be purchasing again in the future."  M.W.

"Oh wow that's fab.  You're a bloody genius!!  You really do have amazing talents.  Was so delighted I sent you more to 'leopard'.  The blue Dior bag is epic!!  (Zebra bag) is bloody lush!!  You're my favourite commission"  N.C.M.

"Those shoes just make me smile so much and I just want everyone else to feel the same <3" L.L.